09. 2008 – 09. 2012

5 500 000 zł

The project was ordered by the Theatre of Wojciech Bogusławski in Kalisz, the third oldest dramatic theatre in Poland. The modernisation works of the main theatre building consisted of four stages and lasted 5 years. The foyer, cloakroom, cash rooms, main entrance and staircases were repaired during the first stage. The construction works included floors and facings of stairs made of natural stone, wall coverings made of textile wallpapers and gypsum stucco. Internal woodwork was reconstructed, electrical and sanitary installations were replaced. The second stage covered renovation of dressing rooms, restaurant rooms, kitchens, sanitary facilities and maintenance rooms. A part of the works consisted of the following: replacing flooring, wall coverings, electrical and sanitary installations, door woodwork and full furnishing of the rooms. The third stage consisted of completing the works in the construction and electronics industry related to the reconstruction of the stage of the main theatre building and design with a reconstruction of technological elements of the main stage support area. The final stage involved renovation of the building façade, the elevation was renovated and protected from being destroyed. External walls were damp-proofed and thermally insulated, woodwork was replaced. Finishing works have been carried out and an internal drainage and underfloor watercourse sewer was created. In view of the fact that the Theatre is a historic building, all renovation and construction works were performed under close supervision of a monument conservator.